Francis Ngannou responded to UFC President

Francis Ngannou responded to UFC President

Dan White says he will never let Francis Ngannou return to the UFC, and the Cameroonian heavyweight, who recently signed with the PFL, is not happy that his former employer has such a strong dislike for him.

“Before my last fight, when I fought Cyril Gan, I met Dan White in a restaurant – I went up to him, we talked, and I said: ‘I appreciate everything you have done for me, I appreciate your help, but I I no longer feel like I’m part of the organization – it seems that I have a war with the organization, and I don’t understand how I got involved in it, ”the Predator said in the next edition of the MMA Hour program. “He said, ‘Yes, we want you to be with us and I think you need to change teams'”

“I’m like, ‘I feel like I’m in a promotion without a promoter, that I don’t have a promoter anymore, and I’m not part of the UFC,’ and he’s like, ‘What do you mean? Have you ever wanted to attend an event and no tickets were found for you? Or did you want to come to the UFC Institute and they didn’t let you in?’ This guy is really good – look how he turned things around. So I work all my life to be able to go to tournaments and have access to the UFC Institute? Be that as it may, I spoke to him personally, like a man to a man, and said to his face that I was unhappy with the way they do business with me. ”

“I’m not thrilled with how we broke up, but I respect everything the UFC has done for me and I don’t have any animosity towards them. This is my life and I decided to go ahead. I had a contract, I fulfilled it, and we could not agree on anything else. As a result, I went my own way. I would like each of us to move on without enmity, but this is not a question for me.

Two days earlier, the PFL officially announced the signing of the former UFC heavyweight champion, who plans to make his debut in the organization next year.

According to the contract, Francis Ngannou becomes the head of the African division of the league, a member of the PFL advisory board, and also guarantees his opponents a minimum fee of two million dollars.