Francis Ngannou on former coach Lopez: “Three years ago, my psychologist told me that he was a problem”

UFC heavyweight champion Francis Ngannou commented on the critical remarks about him by his former coach Fernand Lopez.

“At a certain stage, Fernand and I were okay,” Ngannou said in an interview with the UFC Youtube channel. – Even when I already lived in Vegas, I called him to my corner. As a friend, even though he was no longer my permanent coach. All those interviews that he gave the last two years… I can’t say that I’m surprised.

Knowing him for a long time, I assumed that this could begin on his part. I can’t do anything about it. After the fight with Derrick Lewis three years ago, I had mental problems. I went to a psychologist in Paris, that’s how bad everything was in my head.

And if you now look at the conclusions that she [психолог] wrote to me… It looks funny, because she pointed out Fernand as the problem. Which needs to be deleted. She even wrote this three years ago. I thought it was some kind of madness, but she began to describe it, to explain … Now I understand that she was right.

Lopez brought Ngannou to MMA in 2012. As a result of 6 years of joint work, the Cameroonian fighter got to the fight for the UFC title. For the past two years, Lopez has accused Ngannou of greed, selfishness and ingratitude. The Paris coach offered $10,000 to anyone who found a video of Ngannou thanking him.

On January 22, in the main event of the evening at UFC 270, Ngannou will fight against another Lopez fighter, Cyril Gan.