Francis Ngannou announces his UFC fee

Francis Ngannou announces his UFC fee

Criticizing Francis Ngannou’s deal with the PFL, UFC President Dana White blamed the Cameroonian for only three fights in his organization in three years, but the former UFC champion argues that these accusations are not true.

“For starters, I kept asking, when will I be able to fight? I had an eight-fight contract and I wanted to work it out, but they wouldn’t let me because I didn’t want to sign another contract,” the Cameroonian heavyweight said in an interview with Dan Le Batard. “They knew that as soon as I fulfilled the contract, I would automatically be released. They used a dirty game to freeze me – they knew how much I was getting, literally pennies, and hoped that I would run out of money, I would have nothing to live on, and I would be forced to sign a contract.

“My contract was exclusive so I didn’t have any other income, so basically they kept me captive. They made it sound like I was asking for more money, but I didn’t want more money. If it was about more money, I would have signed the contract, because there really were more by the end of the story, but under the current agreement I received 100-120 thousand dollars.

Ten days ago, Francis Ngannou, who left the UFC as a free agent at the beginning of this year, officially announced that he was becoming a PFL fighter, where he would compete in the so-called superfight division. In addition, the Cameroonian became the head of the African division of the organization and received a position on the advisory board of the PFL.