Former world champion dies after sex change allegations


35 year old Mexican
Alejandra Jimenez (12-0-1, 9 KOs), who gained fame as the WBC heavyweight world champion, after which she managed to lose about 15 kg and become a champion in the super middleweight category (up to 76.2 kg), decided to end her career amid allegations of sex change.

In January 2020, Jimenez defeated the American
Frenchon Crews Desert on points in the fight for the WBC / WBO titles at 76.2 kg, but failed the doping test and was stripped of the championship belts, and the fight itself was declared invalid. But Alejandra never resumed her career, having served a 9-month suspension.

“Life taught me a very harsh lesson,” says Jimenez. “This is one of those moments where I wish things were different. But, unfortunately, this is not the case. Today I made one of the hardest decisions of my life. Today I say goodbye to professional boxing. And, unfortunately, I do it for the wrong reasons, for which I would like, and not at the time when I wanted to. But that’s all.”

“Unfortunately, our sport is surrounded by many people who make it dirty, defame it, break the dreams and careers of many athletes,” continues Alejandra. “I can’t let this continue. So that sexism, homophobia and injustice continue to be hushed up and forgotten because of fear, ignorance and even the habit of turning a blind eye to this by those who “rule” the sport.”

Jimenez was accused of a sex change from one of her rivals, an American
Carletta Ewellwhich she canceled in the first round of a title fight in 2017.

However, Alejandra claims that this is all fiction, and the reason why she looks masculine is a hormonal defect – hypothyroidism.