Former rival Klitschko defeated Datsik and turned to Putin

Former rival Klitschko defeated Datsik and turned to Putin

A week after a spectacular victory over Brazilian Geronimo dos Sants in a kickboxing match, popular Russian heavyweight Vyacheslav Datsik returned to the ring and was defeated by American Kevin Johnson in a boxing match.

Following the results of three rounds of the fight, the judges, by a majority of judges’ votes, gave the victory to 43-year-old Johnson, who at one time shared the ring with such eminent boxers as Vitali Klitschko, Tyson Fury, Derek Chisora, Anthony Joshua and Andy Ruiz.

The aged American surprised not only with a successful performance, but also with the fact that after the battle he turned to Russian President Vladimir Putin with a request to grant him Russian citizenship.

“I would like to formally ask Vladimir Vladimirovich Putin that I would like to obtain Russian citizenship, live here, and be part of this country,” Johnson said in a post-match interview.

The seriousness of the intentions of the American was confirmed by the organizer of the boxing show, Vladimir Khryunov.

“We are signing a contract with Kevin Johnson, in the near future he will have two or three fights within the framework of the Fight Club, and on Monday he will write a statement regarding the Russian passport,” the Russian promoter said.