Former rival accused Islam Makhachev of doping

Former rival accused Islam Makhachev of doping

After serving a six-month disqualification for the use of prohibited substances, the former rival of Islam Makhachev, Bobby Green, who lost to the Russian by technical knockout in the first round in February of this year, said that the current UFC lightweight champion has been doping since a young age.

“I dug around on YouTube and found a small video that says that Islam had a doping problem, but I don’t see people talking about it,” MMA News quotes the American. “Islam says that when he first arrived, the school where he trained just gave him vitamins. Imagine if you give someone steroids from the age of 10, how strong they will be. He was just inhumanly strong, and now I understand why.

“If I could dope, but our countries are different. Russia was banned from the Olympic Games because their country has a more loyal attitude towards doping. We are thoroughly tested for doping here, and in their country doping is on the stream, because they want their fighters to be stronger and more courageous. ”

“Imagine if I could do that, I would kill everyone. Now I’m starting to understand a lot. I wondered why these Dagestanis win so much. Yes, all because they were brought out for this. That’s why at nine years old they can train with a bear. They were specially bred to be better than us, that’s why they win. We are weaklings for them.”

Bobby Green, 36, will return to the octagon this weekend at UFC Fight Night 216 in Las Vegas against Drew Dober, 34.