“For me, Lomachenko does not exist.” Shelestyuk – about Vasily and his father


Welterweight from Ukraine Taras Shelestyuk (19-0, 11 KOs) gave
interview YouTube channel “Viktor Yalymov’s Boxing Studio”, where he expressed his opinion about the civil position of the former champion in three categories of Ukrainian Vasily Lomachenko (17-2, 11 KOs), as well as his father-coach Anatoly Lomachenko.

According to the silver medalist of the Olympics, Lomachenko, with his number of followers, could save more than one life of the defenders of Ukraine, but did not do this because of a different opinion. Although Taras considers Lomachenko a good boxer, because of Shelestyuk’s civic position, “he does not exist.”

— I know that you are actively conducting auctions, collecting donations in support of the Ukrainian army. We will talk about this a little later. But Lomachenko, everyone got mad at him. He is silent, does not speak out, does not collect any donations, all this does not happen. What is your position? What do you say?

“Listen, well, I only spoke when the war started. The man has more than two million subscribers. I think that there is a third of subscribers from the Russian Federation. He somewhere expressed himself in an interview in some recently – like why should I be a talking head, why should I speak, it still won’t stop the war, I don’t need to do it. After the “pens”, “doves of peace” and everything else, you know, about these Moscow priests who probably zombified him, then this is normal.

My opinion is that he does not have his own position, a strong position, or he sees it in a completely different way. I think it’s not just him, there and it all depends on his father too. I think that they have a completely different position on Ukraine, on the war, because recently they sent me a video that he said: “I won’t say anything, because it’s all politics, it’s all up there who decides, why should I say anything?” I think he is weak in his opinion. He is a weak person. He is a good boxer, but in life I don’t relate to him in any way. For me it doesn’t exist.

Can you say that he supports this war?

“Many people say that if you keep silent, you support this war. But I think that with his fame, much, much more could have been done. And the fact that photographs were put up there, that he was in the TRO, that he served there in the army and everything else, but then he himself said: “Yes, I only went on patrol there in the evening and that’s it.” In my city or in Odessa – I don’t even know. I’m not interested. I think many soldiers who defend our homeland, who are dying, who have a spirit… Many grandparents have more spirit than the same Vasya Lomachenko. To say openly – who attacked. That the Russian Federation attacked Ukraine, that they are committing genocide of the people, that they are killing! And to say that these are political games and we are small people who cannot decide anything … He could save more than one life and help the guys. It’s easy even at the beginning of the war to express your opinion about how it really is. And everyone would be grateful to him. Well, at the moment, if he “changes shoes”, then this will not work.

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Source: https://vringe.com/news/160585-dlya-menya-lomachenko-ne-sushchestvuet-shelestyuk.htm?rand=141343