“Food for the dog” Bradley criticized Teofimo Lopez


Boxing expert of the ESPN channel, former world champion in two categories, American Timothy Bradley, gave comments to local media after the victory of the former absolute lightweight champion, and now a fighter in the super lightweight division (up to 63.5 kg) American Teofimo Lopez (18-1, 13 KOs) over Spaniard Sandor Martin (40-3, 13 KOs).

Bradley gave his opinion on the fight, answered the question about the possible fault of his father-coach Teofimo Lopez Sr. in the weak performance of Lopez and commented on the possible fight of Teofimo against US WBC champion Regis Prograis (28-1, 23 KOs).

– Although Teofimo won, there are still doubts about his future career. At the end, he said that he did not know if he still had desire. Devin Haney said that George Kambosos ruined Teofimo. What are your general thoughts about Teofimo’s speech and the comments that were made?

— Look, this game is 90% psychology. I keep talking to people. People don’t believe it, but it’s true. 90% is psychology. If you’re mentally unstable, then you’re fighting these demons and literally have to talk to yourself over and over again. If you don’t have people around you to keep it under control and help you deal with it, then that will be a problem.

I told even before the fight that when I spoke at a meeting with the fighters, I did not know who I was talking to. I didn’t understand at all. I’m like, “Who is this?” I followed him, I worked on his fights for the last 3.5 years. I want to say that this is a completely different person. Not of this world at all. I won’t tell you what he said, but I can tell that something is wrong. And then the battle is not with Martin, there is a battle with yourself. I knew something was wrong. He didn’t look brilliant today and didn’t prove me wrong.

He looked terrible tonight. I think he didn’t look up to par today. It wasn’t a very terrible fight, but it wasn’t his best performance. It wasn’t what we were used to. I didn’t have such high expectations, but it should have been an easier fight because he’s a better athlete than Martin.

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“Currently, should his father be in his corner?”

“Listen to me, his father gave him great advice. There were no past mistakes. There was an insistence in his voice, but his father was giving him valuable advice in the corner: “Use the jab! Corner him! Why are you throwing one punch? Why aren’t you listening to me?” What his father told him was right. In battle, his father said everything they worked on. I wouldn’t blame my father for everything. His father did an amazing job with him. Theo just didn’t listen to him. As said, something has to change. Either he will listen, or he will have to invite someone else.

“Could it be because Teofimo no longer hears his father’s voice because he’s been with him for so long?” Even after the fight with Kambosos, he said that their relationship was no longer the same. Could this be the issue?

– Partly maybe. But I just think it’s a doubt. Every time he enters the ring, he is tormented by an injury from which he suffers – the defeat of Kambosos. He still has to deal with it. You have to understand that this is the second fight after that. He’s in a new weight class. There’s a lot of pressure on him, MSG, a lot to deal with. It’s hard for him to sort through all the things that happen around him. I see him the happiest and most joyful when he is inside the ring. I would say – become more active! I understand that you want to fly to the top because you were there, you beat Lomachenko and all that. But this is a new weight category. You need to acclimatize to this weight. In this weight of the killer. You saw. Regis Prograis! What did he do with Cepeda. And Cepeda is not lazy. And Prograis himself said that Cepeda is cool, made him work. If Theo goes up against Regis Prograis, come on guys, it’s dog food.

— [смеются] Who will be your favourite?

Guys, don’t joke with me. There is nothing to think about. Regis Prograis is on another level.

– Stop him?

“I won’t say what will stop, but he is on a different level. He has power, he has speed, he has boxing ability, he brings it to you. He has good legs. He has a lot. And he’s so compact, strong… For Theo, there’s a lot to deal with in my opinion.

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