Floyd Mayweather announced the next fight – very soon in Europe


Boxing legend 45-year-old American Floyd Mayweather Jr. plans to continue to entertain boxing fans around the world with exhibition fights. ex-leader P4P rating announced its UK debut.

“The next fight is scheduled for early 2023 and it will take place in Britain,”
tells Mayweather. We plan to perform here in February. Let’s entertain the British fans with a fair fight, because I never got the chance to fight here when I boxed professionally. So if it’s possible, we’ll see you in February.”

Mayweather was last seen in action in November when he beat YouTuber Deji. At a press conference, the legend infuriated the fans – he told why he still enters the ring. Yesterday, Mayweather’s sidekick, troubled compatriot Adrien Broner, revealed that he wants a cosmic sum for jumping in the ring with Floyd.