Fire! “Bullet” Mendoza knocked out “Banana” Rosario


Armory, Minneapolis, USA. In the middleweight limit (up to 72.6 kg), former Dominican world champion Jason Rosario (23-4-1, 17 KOs) lost by knockout to American Brian Mendoza (21-2, 15 KOs).

The fighters got into a nice fight. Mendoza immediately tried to push the ex-champion. It worked out with varying degrees of success. It was lucky in the 2nd round to drop Rosario with a blow to the body – the Achilles heel of the Dominican.

In the next three minutes, the ex-champion increased the density of the battle as much as possible and seized the initiative. But the Dominican was not long enough. The 4th round turned out to be competitive, and at the very beginning of the 5th three-minute period, Mendoza caught Rosario, who was pushing ahead, with an uppercut. He was in a heavy knockdown, tried to get to his feet, but fell again.

Mendoza KO 5. Beauty!