Fight Usyk vs Fury may not take place? Johnny Nelson’s opinion


The holders of all belts in heavyweight Briton Tyson Fury (33-0-1, 24 KOs) and Ukrainian Oleksandr Usyk (20-0, 13 KOs) agree on a face-to-face fight – at the beginning of next year they plan to determine the first absolute heavyweight champion in the era of four belts .

Not all fans believe that the fight will take place. Some believe that Fury will try to avoid a duel with the Ukrainian. Former cruiserweight champion and current boxing commentator Johnny Nelson
agree: “I see no reason for this fight not to take place. I think we will see the fight and get answers to many questions.”

Nelson considers his compatriot the favorite. Previously, he called Usyk an unremarkable heavyweight, but recently he has been increasingly praising the Ukrainian: “This is an outstanding boxer. But I just think that Tyson has all the answers. And Usyk is much smaller. He even talked recently about returning to the cruiserweight, as it is not easy for him to keep this weight. I saw him just recently. He doesn’t look like a heavyweight.”

The expert believes that “now is the perfect time for this fight to finally take place. And it seems to me that the fans will disagree about the favorite. I am sure that if you hold this fight in Britain, you will be able to break Fury’s previous record – to gather more than 95 thousand fans in the arena, as was the case with Dillian Whyte. I think the fight will be very big. But I agree that the biggest fight for Fury in Britain is not Usyk, but Anthony Joshua.

Previously, Nelson said that “Fury had one unresolved problem before the fight with Usyk.” He also explained why Tyson does not need “mind games” against the Ukrainian.