Fedor Emelianenko and Ryan Bader: words before the fight

Fedor Emelianenko and Ryan Bader: words before the fight

Heavyweight title bout Fedor Emelianenko and Ryan Bader have given their final comments on their upcoming fight, which will headline the Bellator 290 event in Inglewood on February 4.

Fedor Emelianenko:

“Of course, I would really like to win this fight, but as God wills. I am grateful to Scott Cocker and Bellator for, after my successful performances, they gave me the opportunity to fight the champion in the last fight, and on this pleasant note to end my career. Regardless of the outcome, I will finish. Thanks to Ryan for accepting the challenge. We’ll all see you on Saturday. Thank God this is the last time.”

“I try not to take into my ears that I am a legend and stuff. I would like to be remembered as a believer, an athlete who won the hearts of his fans in the ring. Not by chatter, not by swearing, not by some vulgar words about my opponent, but by the work that I did in the ring.

Ryan Bader:

“It doesn’t upset me that all the talk on the eve of this fight concerns Fedor. He deserved it. He is a legend of this sport – I respect this man and what he has done for the sport. If I were a spectator, I myself would root for Fedor in this fight – I love it when legends return to the top. I know people will be rooting for him, but I have a job that is to go out and ruin this party, protect the belt and move on. I am proud to be part of Fedor’s legacy and he is part of my legacy and I have the utmost respect for him, but I have to go out, do my job and walk away with the belt. That’s the plan.”

Source: https://fighttime.ru/news/item/30669-fedor-emelyanenko-i-rajan-bejder-slova-pered-boem.html?rand=19907