Fans criticize Israel Adesanya for face tattoo

Fans criticize Israel Adesanya for face tattoo

Former UFC middleweight champion Israel Adesanya, who lost his title to Alex Pereira two months ago, has unveiled a new tattoo to fans on his face.

“The old version of you must die before you are reborn!” the Nigerian wrote on the social network, posting the corresponding video.

In the comments to the publication, the fans determined that the inscription in Arabic means “dragon”, but were not enthusiastic about this step, deciding that in this way Adesanya was trying to cope with psychological problems after the defeat.

“Tattoos in Arabic letters on the body – haram”

“Literally, a man got his eyebrows tattooed”

“Mike Tyson Style”

“Old version or new, it doesn’t matter. Alex is better anyway.”

“Pereira sent him straight into a midlife crisis”

“Yes, this defeat did not affect him in the best way”

“It’s always embarrassing when people get tattoos in languages ​​they don’t understand. How can they be sure of the correct translation?

“Good target for Alex Pereira”

“When I mess up at work, I’ll also get a tattoo on my face”

“Tutu won’t help you beat Pereira”

“It would be bold to stuff ‘Daddy Alex’, but we’ll see what happens”

“The guy is incredible in the octagon, but outside it is a different story”

“Looks like the dude is depressed. If so, it won’t help him.”

“Bro, the word is spelled wrong”

Israel Adesanya got the tattoo a week after he performed on stage with legendary rapper Exibit while touring New Zealand.

Recall that the middleweight title fight between Israel Adesanya and Alex Pereira, who headed the UFC 281 tournament in New York on November 12, ended with the defeat of the Nigerian by technical knockout in the fifth round.