Ex-rival Jalolov, Vykhrista and Sirenko were not given a well-deserved victory


Hala Polonia, Czestochowa, Poland. In the main event of the show in the cruiserweight limit (up to 90.7 kg), the middle peasants Nikodem Jezhevsky (22-2-1, 10 KOs) from Poland and the native of Russia Serge Michel (13-3, 9 KOs) playing for Germany fought.

The start of the fight turned out to be competitive, but in the 3rd three-minute period, Ezhevsky was close to an early defeat – he missed the opponent’s multi-hit attack, and was in a heavy knockdown. The Pole began to win back the episode, inflated the density of the battle.

Mikhel held on well until the 4th round, but then completely gave up the initiative: backing away from the opponent, surviving the ropes, enduring blows to the body especially hard, earned a solid hematoma near the eye, which became the reason for the early stop of the fight – the guest decided not to go to 7th three-minute.

Yezhevsky RTD 6.

A curious small-town confrontation took place at the opening ceremony in the heavyweight limit (over 90.7 kg): a seasoned veteran journiman
Kamil Sokolovsky (11-26-3, 4 KOs), according to the absolute majority of fans and experts, he won a victory over an unbeaten compatriot
Marcin Sivy (25-0-1, 12 KOs), but was forced to settle for a draw by a split decision.

The fight turned out to be expectedly tough, but not very watchable. Sivy started the fight with an aggressive first number, but was overwhelmed by the veteran in the 2nd round and lost the initiative. Starting from the 3rd three-minute period, the number of clinches increased. Both were visibly tired.

Sivy tried to work away from the opponent. At times it turned out well, but he was not physically enough for the decisive rounds. Judges score: 75-77, 77-75 and 76-76.

Just now in Poland Kamil Sokolowski and Marcin Siwy fought to an 8 round decision which I think resulted in a draw. It was a hard, scrappy fight where the fighters were constantly tied up pic.twitter.com/CUWAOwHYVg

— Beadybea (@Beadybea) September 2, 2022

Draw SD 8.

Sokolowski is an elite level journiman, where talented young people are tested. During his career, he fought Dillian Whyte, Martin Bakole, David Price, Nathan Gorman, Lucas Brown, Jean Kosobutsky, Ali Eren Demirezen, Viktor Vykhryst, Vladislav Sirenko, Igor Shevadzutsky, Otto Wallin and Bakhodir Jalolov.