Everything is very bad in boxing: David Haye’s angry-obscene speech


One of the few cruiserweight and heavyweight champions in boxing history, popular British legend David Haye is extremely unhappy with the state of affairs in his favorite sport. He believes that boxing has once again suffered very powerful damage.

At the same time, Haye did not choose
expressions: “Boxing is fucked up again! And it happened at the most inopportune moment. Then, when I felt that a certain rise was coming, the fight Chris Eubank vs Connor Benn was about to take place. It seemed that Tyson Fury would agree on a fight with Anthony Joshua. I even thought that this is it – one of the best times in the history of boxing. And then in just a couple of weeks, everything went down the drain.

“I am often approached by dissatisfied people who do not follow boxing so closely. And I feel that they have an extremely negative attitude towards our sport. They are unhappy that there is so much dirt here: some political games, stupid rules and regulations, all these boxing organizations that are not doing what they should be doing. I want all this to end quickly. I want to have the names of potentially great young fighters in the headlines, not the bullshit about doping and other bullshit that’s on the front page right now. Enough of this sh**! Hay is dissatisfied.

Eubank vs. Benn was canceled due to Conor’s positive doping test. At the same time, it turned out that British Boxing Council (BBBC) knew about the results of the test, but did not react until it was reported in the media.

Negotiations for the Fury vs. Joshua fight stalled after both sides began to accuse each other of lack of feedback. Tyson decided to hold an intermediate fight with gatekeeper Derek Chisora ​​(whom he had already confidently defeated twice before), and this fight would be a title fight.

However, recently Chisora ​​denied the rumors about the fight with Fury. And then suddenly there was a man who was happy with the third fight of Tyson and Derek.