Evander Holyfield on relationship with Mike Tyson: “And everyone around is happy”


In June 1997, in Las Vegas (USA), in a rematch between iconic American heavyweights Mike Tyson and Evander Holyfield, one of the most infamous episodes in heavyweight history took place.

Tyson, enraged by Holyfield’s constant fouls (and ignoring them by the referee), dug his teeth into his opponent’s ear and bit off a piece. A little later, the fight was stopped, the victory by disqualification of the opponent went to Evander.

Since then, there has been an opinion in the media and the fan community that the legends terribly hate each other. Veterans even had to record several videos to convince the public. And finally they did it. And all thanks to the appearance in a funny advertisement of “bitten off ears” – cannabis jelly sweets that Tyson sells.

comments: “Well, Mike and I showed up together. And now everyone is happy. The funny thing is, we’ve always been friends. And I don’t know why in the world of boxing all these years it was assumed that we are the worst enemies. I have never been his enemy. And he was also always kind and respectful towards me. Stuff happens in battles. You know, if I couldn’t throw my opponent off me, I would have bitten him myself. I never had any resentment towards him for that. I understand perfectly well that in life and, especially, in the ring, anything happens. ”

In the same interview, Holyfield made a prediction for Usyk’s fight with Fury. In the summer, the legend was asked who is still cooler – he or Usyk. Evander’s answer.