Eubank crept up unnoticed. Dad forbade his son to fight with Benn – the fight is broken


British boxing legend Chris Eubank Sr. suddenly announced that he was canceling the fight between his son Chris Eubank Jr. dangerous to his life. He stated this at a press conference with Conor and his father Nigel Benn.

Chris and Conor were supposed to meet on October 8 in London (England) in a fight that would take place 30 years after their fathers met in a rematch.

Eubank Sr. said that the life of his son, who makes a living by getting hit on the head, “should not be endangered.” He worries that he has already lost one son, “and this cannot happen again.”

The veteran emphasized that he forbids his son to box below the average weight limit (up to 72.6 kg). Now he is boxing in the super middleweight category (up to 76.2 kg), but for the sake of the fight with the welterweight (up to 66.7 kg), Bennom agreed to dry out.

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Eubank Sr., whose son Sebastian died last year at the age of 29, added: “This is modern gladiatorial art, not a public game. You have to be strict, otherwise life is in danger, and my son’s life cannot be in danger.”

The move came as a surprise to both Nigel and Conor, who were mildly shocked on the Zoom teleconference and insisted the weight had been agreed upon earlier.

Nigel then clearly asked Eubank Sr.: “So you tell your 32-year-old son that there will be no fight? Eubank Sr. replied, “Absolutely.”

And yesterday, Eubank Jr. scared Conor Benn with sex promises. Eubank vs. Benn is like Golovkin vs. Brook?