Ennis fails to stop Chukhadjian, but takes IBF ‘provisional’ belt


Capital One Arena, Washington, USA. In the co-main event of the show, the vacant interim IBF welterweight title (up to 66.7 kg) was contested: American Jaron Ennis (30-0, 27 KO) defeated Ukrainian on points Karen Chukhadzhyan (21-2, 11 KOs).

The underdog gave the center of the ring to the favorite without a fight, constantly shifted, changed the direction of movement, tried to counter. Ennis switched to a right-handed stance, often attacking the opponent’s body. Karen forced Jaron to miss more often than usual. The American is clearly aiming for a knockout, investing in punches.

In the 3rd round, Chukhadzhyan was marked by two successful episodes: first he had a beautiful series, then he countered on the side step. Ennis responded by taking three minutes due to the advantage in striking power – his hits are much more dangerous.

But the 4th round can be given to the Ukrainian – he countered with a combination, marked himself with a left hook. Ennis is very uncomfortable. The favorite was marked by an accentuated side kick in the 5th three-minute period, but a little later he missed the right straight near the ropes in response. The end of the round for Jaron.

The 6th round was also competitive. Chukhadzhyan does a great job demonstrating the vulnerabilities of the favorite, clearly following the plan for the fight, but still boxing too passively. However, it is worth noting his solid footwork and hand speed.

It is already clear that Ennis for the first time in his career will hold more than 6 rounds in the ring. In the second half of the fight, he began to lean even more on blows, refused combinational work, sweepingly cut through the air with his fists, collapsed. Chukhajian will definitely make fans and pundits question Ennis’ level.

The favorite spent the 10th round much more successfully, and the Ukrainian clearly felt his blow to the body. But Ennis failed to capitalize on his success – his pressing in the 11th three-minute period is definitely not effective.

Chukhadzhyan spent the decisive round more actively. The fighters staged several exchanges. I wonder how many rounds will be given to the Ukrainian? Zero! Three times 120-108 in favor of the favorite.

Ennis UD 12.

Source: https://vringe.com/news/161701-ennis-ne-sumel-udosrochit-chukhadzhyana-no-vzyal-vremennyy-poyas-ibf.htm?rand=141343