Ennis Coach: “Virgil Ortiz? You have to kill him”


Derek Ennis, the father-coach of American top welterweight contender Jaron Ennis (29-0, 27 KOs), says they are ready to fight “divisional menace” compatriot puncher Virgil Ortiz (19-0, 19 KOs).

Rumor has it that in January, Ennis will box for an “interim” IBF title. And Ortiz is Jaron’s closest pursuer in the organization’s rankings.

words Ennis Sr., “We don’t care who we fight for the title. Whoever they put opposite, we will fight with. It could be Rashidi Ellis, or Keith Thurman, or Ortiz. Any top division. When it comes to the title, we don’t care the opponent’s name. If it’s Virgil? Then you have to kill him in the ring.”

Do not be surprised that Ennis Sr. named Ellis – it is he who is considered on the sidelines to be Jaron’s most likely rival. The coach-father also mentioned Ortiz for a reason – he reacted to the words of ex-mentor Virgil Robert Garcia. He is sure that Ennis will have problems with Ortiz.

“I don’t think they need Jaron to beat Virgil to death. And this is exactly what will happen if they decide to fight. They talk about him a lot. That he boxed well, and he could gasp. But with Jaron, all this will not help. After all, the little one can do everything. He fights equally well from a long distance and in infighting. I’m not saying that Virgil is completely bad. But he messed up with Michael McKinson, who has no punch at all. He created problems for him with his movements and angles. What did Ortiz do? What is needed in this case. He pressed. But it’s much harder to put pressure on a dude who can goof off on his own. After all, in such a fight you will certainly miss more than once, ”the coach argues.

In his opinion, Garcia mentioned his ex-ward for a reason: “He just wants him back. That’s what everyone says. He had previously said that Virgil wasn’t ready to fight Jaron. And my little one is not bustling. He says bluntly: “Ready to fight Virgil right now.” So if we are offered this fight, we definitely won’t refuse.”

Rumor has it that the fight with Ennis was offered to ex-champ Thurman, but he allegedly wanted $ 10 million for it. Meanwhile, the current division leader claims that he does not mind fighting Ortiz and Ennis, although Jaron thinks otherwise: If you are “your own boss” why didn’t you call us?