Ennis coach reveals Crawford’s weak spot


Derek Ennis, father-coach of top contender from the USA Jaron Ennis (29-0, 17 KOs), called the weak point of one of the leaders of the welterweight and WBO American champion Terence Crawford (39-0, 30 KOs), who knocked out the Russian at the weekend David Avanesyan (29-4-1, 17 KOs).

“As for me, Crawford turned on late in the fight with Avanesyan,”
reasoning mentor. – I think he could have closed the question of the winner much earlier. And it is this habit that will become a problem for him. Even in a fight with Errol Spence. In such battles, starting rounds cannot be given away. In such battles, you can not swing for a long time. You need to turn on from the starting gong.

Ennis Sr. believes that this is a feature of Crawford’s style: “He always starts the fight by scanning the opponent. He wants to first understand what he is ready for. It gives the opponent an opportunity to show his intention. He wants to understand what he expects – to box or impose a fight. Crawford always gets into a fight for a long time. And with certain fighters, that will be a problem. You need to start early, and not spend 3 rounds finally getting your timing and coordination up and running.”

According to the coach, “if they still meet with Spence, then this habit could cost Crawford the victory. After all, Errol is a very well trained fighter. Maybe a little robotic. But this is a good robotization. With a high powerful block, a solid jab. Yes, there is nothing special and outstanding. Spence in the ring is just doing his job, applying methodical pressure.”

“I noticed that even Avanesyan managed to put pressure on Crawford. He looked a little arrogant before the fight. And in the ring he even began to back away. He threatened to knock all the shit out of his opponent already at the start, but he missed a lot of blows that he should not have missed. Now imagine that these are not the blows of Avanesyan, but Spence … ”- the mentor completed the thought.

On January 7 in Washington (USA) Ennis will fight for the vacant interim IBF title with Ukrainian Karen Chukhadzhyan. Earlier, Ennis’s father spoke about his son’s title plans, and the boxer himself spoke about Chukhadzhan and already looked behind him. The Ukrainian shared the problems of preparation: There is no light and water in the hall because of the Russian Federation.

Source: https://vringe.com/news/161030-trener-ennisa-nazval-uyazvimoe-mesto-krouforda.htm?rand=141343