Emelianenko – Ershov, Oleinik – Thompson: live broadcast

Emelianenko - Ershov, Oleinik - Thompson: live broadcast

The live broadcast of the next show of the REN TV Fight Club, the main event of which will be a heavyweight championship fight between Russian Alexei Oleinik and Briton Oli Thompson, starts on May 26 at 21:00 Moscow time, and the main fights are scheduled to start at 23:00 Moscow time .

In the second most important event of the event, the popular Russian heavyweight Alexander Emelianenko will measure his strength with blogger Yevgeny Ershov.

Also, one of the participants in the tournament will be Ivan Emelianenko, who will make his debut in battles, who will be opposed by the master of sports of international class in judo Evgeny Ledenev.

Will open the main card fight of Ilyas Yakubov against Yuri Ryabogo.