Emelianenko called Sulyanov’s statement about the fight with Datsik a lie

Emelianenko called Sulyanov's statement about the fight with Datsik a lie

The statement of the head of Hardcore Boxing, Anatoly Sulyanov, that Alexander Emelianenko himself wanted to fight at a press conference with Vyacheslav Datsik, is not true.

About it in an interview Sport RBC said the fighter himself, as well as his manager Nikita Burchak.

“No, I didn’t call,” Emelianenko said. “Tolya himself begged me for this“ Minute ”, they say, there will be window dressing. I went to meet him, but now I understand who he is. I don’t want to work with Anatoly anymore”

“It’s a lie. Tolya realized that he had caught not a hype, but a hatred, and decided to change his shoes, ”added the heavyweight manager. “Alexander did not know about this format at all, and when Tolya offered him, he did not back down. Although we were not supposed to be at this conference. Alexander and I warned Tolya twice that he had a fever. Just look at Tolya’s face when he holds the microphone to the judge in the small ring. I already spoke about the hypocrisy of Anatoly: first, with a smile, he puts Emelianenko to fight for a minute, and then talks about dancing on the bones “

Burchak also commented on the words of the head of Hardcore Boxing that he considers the recent fight between Alexander Emelianenko and Svyatoslav Kovalenko a shame.

“In that interview, they spoke unflatteringly about this fight, although the fight turned out to be excellent, competitive – it showed an amazing television rating. As far as I know, the ratings were higher than those of the fight Magomed Ismailov – Alexander Shlemenko. There was an impression that the guys had a task to belittle the last fight and the tournament as a whole – this is strange. But the fact is that at the conference for the tournament, Tolya was asked questions about the battle between Alexander and the Saint.

“In an interview, they said that interest in Alexander was declining. But! The ratings showed something completely different. It is strange that Emelianenko is discussed at the conference before the Hardcore Boxing tournament, a lot of time is devoted to this in an interview, and the ratings are “falling”. I thought it worked differently

“What I want to say about Sulyanov, guys, follow your management, especially Tolya. I have never seen such disrespect for athletes, journalists and my own team anywhere, although I worked in so many promotions.

Source: https://fighttime.ru/news/item/30364-emelyanenko-nazval-lozhyu-zayavlenie-sulyanova-o-boe-s-datsikom.html?rand=19907