Eddie Hearn is a racist? Davis and his entourage did not like the promoter’s comment


Promoter Eddie HearnMatchroom Boxing) was accused of racism. And all because of his recent interview, in which he shared his emotions from the victory of American knockout Gervonta Davis (28-0, 26 KOs) over Dominican Hector Luis Garcia (16-1, 10 KOs).

No, Gervonta was pissed off not at all by the phrase that he was “that other motherfucker” and certainly not by comparison with Mike Tyson. Davis is angry at the words that “he is not a great strategist (in the original used the word thinker) in the ring and he is not very eloquent during press conferences.”

Davis reacted to Hearn’s words: “Although I’m not a great thinker in the ring and not very eloquent at press conferences, I immediately realized that I should not sign this shitty contract that he offered me.”

Hearn was hit harder by former fighter promoter Leonard Ellerbee (Mayweather Promotions): “What are you talking about? That your words are supposedly no disrespect? You fucking supremacist! Who the hell are you to say such a thing? This “Tank” is not a very thinking boxer? Is “Tank” not very good at press conferences? This is where the whole problem lies. Fuckers like you put some people above others. We don’t play games like that, you fucking clown.”

Dissatisfied with Hearn and Marc Ortega of PBC on FOX: “I have only one question. Is there anyone in the world of boxing who f*cked more f*ck on the mic than Hearn?”

Boss Showtime Sports Stephen Espinosa also defended Davis: “Disgusting! Sometimes people forget to put on a mask and say what they think. And now we get the phrase that black boxers are supposedly a priori stupid and not very thinking. I personally know both Gervonta and Mike (probably Tyson). And I can say with confidence that they will definitely give odds to the author of this vile phrase.

Interestingly, Hearn reacted to the scandal that he himself provoked: “You know what? I am always the first to admit that in some interviews I spoke frankly unimportantly. I had several interviews after which I was very disappointed with myself. Therefore, when I see that my words hurt someone, I always react to it and analyze it so that this does not happen again. I’m just trying… I’m just enjoying the beauty of this sport.”

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