Dzhigurda: “Dziuba is my favorite player, one of my favorites”

Famous showman Nikita Dzhigurda spoke about the candidacy of the ex-captain of the Russian national football team Artem Dziuba as his potential rival in pop-MMA. According to Dzhigurda, he will not challenge the athlete.

On account of the 60-year-old Dzhigurda, there are already three fights according to the rules of boxing: two victories over deputy Milonov and journalist Kushanashvili and one defeat from blogger Alexander Shpak.

“Dziuba is my favorite player, one of my favorites. I stood up for him when they inflated his case, – Komsomolskaya Pravda quotes Dzhigurda. – Now everyone is wondering why Artem does not want to join the national team. What is the attitude of the coach? For what? In a world where transgender people go into sports, where the original concept is forgotten.”

Lawyer Sergey Zhorin, presenter Vladimir Solovyov and producer Iosif Prigozhin are called Dzhigurda’s possible rivals.

“The Octagon is a great test for pussies. It is clear that neither Solovyov, nor Zhorin, nor Prigozhin will put their inflated status in the octagon. Because the bubble will burst. Everyone will see that they are cowardly cowards and ass-lickers, ”added Dzhigurda.

33-year-old Dziuba has played 23 matches for the club this season, scoring 10 goals and providing 6 assists.