DWCS 6, Week 8 video: Bruna Brasil starches Marnic Mann with head-kick knockout


Bruna Brasil continued the trend of head-kick knockouts with a second-round stoppage of Marnic Mann at DWCS Season 6, Week 8.

Brasil landed a picture-perfect shot on the overmatched Mann at the 4:33 mark of the middle frame at UFC APEX in Las Vegas.

Check out the stoppage above, and additional angles below.

From the moment Mann took the front kick against Brasil’s long and tall body, Mann knew that she had to win the fight. She continued to try that approach for the remainder of her time in the octagon, pushing through Brasil’s strikes to clinch against the cage. However, once she was there her transitions made it easy for her to reverse her position and Brasil gave her ample space to land even more severe knees on the body.

After reversing, and getting back on her feet in second round, Brasil started the final with a jab. She went high. Mann was out of place and crumpled as the shot hit.

It was Brasil’s third consecutive win, which put her on the shortlist for a UFC contract. Mann lost her first professional fight after six.