Dustin Poirier reacted to the advice of Benil Dariush

Dustin Poirier reacted to the advice of Benil Dariush

Former Interim UFC Lightweight Champion Dustin Poirier did not ignore the statement of Benil Dariush, who advised him to end his professional career and vacate a place in the top five of the division.

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Two days earlier, Dustin Poirier said he wanted to fight for the title or get a big fight, and also made it clear that Benil Dariush and Charles Oliveira were not interested in him as opponents.

Dariusz responded by advising Poirier that he should consider resigning, as there were “not many Michael Chandlers left in the division, but full of young and hungry killers.”

Recall that at the moment Dustin Poirier and Benil Dariush occupy the second and fourth lines in the UFC lightweight rankings, respectively.

Source: https://fighttime.ru/news/item/30467-dastin-pore-otreagiroval-na-sovet-benila-dariusha.html?rand=19907