Dustin Poirier advises Michael Chandler on ‘dangerous matchups’ with Conor McGregor. Chandler responds


Dustin Poirier gave his thoughts on Michael Chandler recently, and Chandler didn’t wait long to fire back.

Following Chandler’s incredible knockout of Tony Ferguson at UFC 274, the former Bellator champion didn’t feel like he was getting the respect he deserved from Poirier when he first signed with the UFC — which led to “Iron” saying on The MMA Hour that he wasn’t all that interested in fighting Poirier. In response, Poirier echoed that sentiment, while also taking a shot to Chandler’s UFC resume of not facing anybody coming off of a win.

Poirier was recently asked for more information on Chandler.

“I’m a dangerous fight for him. I think I’m a clean puncher, accurate,” Poirier said on The Fight with Teddy Atlas. “He called out Conor, think Conor is a dangerous fight for him, too. I’m not saying Chandler’s chinny or anything, but he gets hurt in a lot of his fights, and guys like Conor, they can punch. It’s bad .”

if you get hurt by Tony Ferguson or dropped by [Charles] Oliveira. Guys like Conor and me can touch your chin.

Of course, Chandler wasn’t going to let that sit without saying something. Chandler took a video of himself walking to an outdoor storage area with his smartphone, then closed the lid and quietly responded.

” I heard your words. Listen, nobody gives a rip about your wannabe, don’t make sense, lost your shine so you’re trying to steal everybody else’s shine, backdoor MMA math. Chandler replied via Instagram.

Poirier was hoping to compete at UFC 277 in Dallas on July 30, but it doesn’t appear likley with the big pieces of the card already confirmed. Chandler stated that date would probably be too soon, so the stars could align for a potential Fight of the Year candidate later in the year.