Donaire: “Rooster Estrada, do you want to fight me?”


An age-old boxing legend, a conqueror of four (and a half) weight categories, Filipino Nonito Donaire (42-7, 28 KOs) was noted in social networks with a surprisingly emotional message.

The veteran congratulated Mexican second flyweight Juan Francisco Estrada (44-3, 28 KOs) on his victory over Nicaraguan Roman Gonzalez (51-4, 41 KOs), after which he challenged him: “First of all, my congratulations to Estrada on his victory on Saturday. I would also like to address Gonzalez. You fought a great fight and showed incredible courage. I believe that your trilogy is the very core around which boxing fans from all over the world are kept. Without a doubt, these were historical battles.

“I love calling fighters face to face, not on Twitter,” the Filipino continues. “But I suspect that you would like me to do it this way. So, Rooster (this is the nickname of a fighter, not an attempt to offend) Estrada, if you want to fight me, here I am. No tricks, I’m just used to fighting the best in the division. I think it’s going to be an epic fight.”

First off Congratulations to @GalloEstradaOfi for his win on Saturday night. To @chocolatitobox you had an amazing fight and showed great heart. This trilogy is the heart of boxing fans worldwide and is historic!

— Nonito Donaire – filipinoflash.eth (@filipinoflash) December 6, 2022

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Donaire once jumped over the second flyweight, being satisfied with only an interim title. Previously, he had already voiced a desire to fight for a full-fledged belt in the fifth weight. But do not forget that at the WBC convention, Donaire was offered to fight again for the organization’s title at 53.5 kg.

In the meantime, we celebrated Estrada’s victory by returning the fighter to vRINGe’s Top 10 Pound.