Don King shook his head and spent half an hour holding a press speech. Spoke about Ukraine


90-year-old promoter Don King shook the old days and delivered a half-hour speech at a press conference dedicated to him and colleague Frank Warren on a boxing evening at the Casino Miami Jai Alai in Miami (USA), where heavyweights Daniel Dubois and Trevor Bryan will fight in the main event on June 11.

The veteran devoted the lion’s share of the speech to the ongoing full-scale war of the occupying country of Russia against Ukraine.

This is not surprising, because the show is called “Struggle for Freedom and Peace” just in support of a country that is fighting for its existence against Russian barbarians who staged the genocide of a neighboring people.

Don King: “I love Frank Warren”

“The boxing evening is dedicated to the courageous and brave people of Ukraine, on whose territory Russia decided to invade and go to war because of wounded pride,” said Don King. “Last night they called me and said that the bombings began again in Kyiv, because the Klitschko brothers remained there to fight for a just cause, freedom, independence, peace and sovereignty of Ukraine.”

Watch from 26:50:

The American promoter once visited Kyiv, where he held a protracted (as usual) press conference at the old-school Druzhba cinema on Khreshchatyk.

Despite the fact that he has Dubois on his hands, Brian is not shy about saying that Usyk, Joshua, Fury are dream fights. Daniel is also not shy and promises to destroy Brian.

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