Don King: “I love Frank Warren”


90-year-old former boxing boss from the United States, now almost retired promoter Don King
explained in love and trust 70-year-old British colleague Frank Warren. This is due to the fact that they are jointly organizing a heavyweight fight between the “regular” WBA world champion Trevor Bryan and Daniel Dubois.

The reason for the public appeal is, in principle, trifling, but the way it is written, and about what, deserves publication.

“I love Frank Warren…Frank is a great promoter, but more importantly, Frank, like me, believes that our word and integrity is our bond. That our word and honesty is more important (to our maturity) than a contract. That is why Frank took the liberty of pre-announcing the broadcast on BT Sports TV of the fight without a signed contract, without fear or apprehension, ”the American explained.

Warren scolded Hearn for wanting to make a Chisora-Wilder fight

Don King added that he was “honored and very proud to have worked with Frank over the years and worked together on some of the great fights that have made history.”

“It is good to be his friend who helped him – with love, tolerance and truthfulness. And then I watched him grow and develop into a great representative of people who keep their word, ”summed up the US promoter.

In March 2022, Warren was beaten by Don King in a bid for this show. The fight will take place on June 11 and will be held as part of the For Freedom and Independence of Ukraine card.

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