Dmitry Bivol: “I’m in seventh heaven now”


The holder of the title of “super champion” of the world according to the WBA light heavyweight (up to 79.4 kg), Russian Dmitry Bivol (21-0, 11 KOs) successfully defended his title in a fight against the former Mexican middleweight champion Gilberto Ramirez (44-1, 30 KO).

After the fight, Dmitry spent
conversation with the YouTube channel “Ushatayka”, where he commented on the last fight, compared the fight against Ramirez with the fight against the undisputed middleweight champion Mexican Canelo Alvarez (58-2-2, 39 KOs) and answered the question about the next opponent.

Boxer of the year. Bivol defeated Ramirez — vRING report

– Did the course of the fight coincide with what you imagined before the fight?

— Yes, everything coincided. I expected that he would meet, that he would work on the corps. But I thought that he would throw a little more punches. It turned out that not so much and threw, in principle.

“At the very end, you almost dropped Zurdo. Did you go out in the twelfth round with the intention of finishing or calmly finishing?

– You know, to reach the finish line is always such a task in the head, such a minimal one, as it were. That is, if you hit and the person staggers, then you have something that needs to be further developed. That is, in the twelfth round, I came out that you don’t just need to take time off, you need to sort of work.

– According to the judges’ notes, Canelo took more rounds from you than Ramirez. Who do you think performed better against you?

– Approximately the same, I guess. Although maybe with Zurdo I wasn’t that focused. With Canelo I was focused that I had to win every round, every round I had to be in focus. And with Zurdo, I understood that this round can be given away, and the energy that it spends can be taken away in return. And purposefully, it happened, I gave him the initiative. The initiative was that he threw punches, but I didn’t. And with Canelo, this could not be allowed. With Canelo it was necessary from the first to the very last (round).

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– Can you tell me what it is like to take a zero from a boxer who has not lost 44 fights in a row before you?

– It’s great in general. I’m in seventh heaven now. I am glad that I am the first at Zurdo.

– After the fight, Eddie Hearn called you the best P4P boxer right now. Can you call yourself that?

– Thanks. Zurdo is also a good boxer, one of the best in light heavyweight. And I’m glad that I beat him. I can’t say that I’m the best boxer in the world right now, because I need more wins like Zurdo, like Canelo. I need more belts. It’s cool to beat such a boxer who won 44 fights before. And so I beat him. He is one of the best. Well, there are still a lot of guys to beat. I need belts. Then I can say calmly that I am better because I have done such and such.

– It didn’t work out with the flag, how did the WBA explain this?

No, they didn’t explain it that way. There was just such a rule that let’s just go out without flags, and there was no point in butting, swearing. I have guys who cheer for me, and they all understand where I come from, where I trained, what country I represent.

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– I can’t help asking you about the next opponent. Now you can say who would be preferable for you?

— I have always said that I set myself big tasks. They help me be better. They help keep me in shape, and the desire to achieve these goals helps me in the ring to think that I am one of the best, that I should strive for this. It is, of course, the belt. I aspire to be a general, as they say, an absolute world champion. This is my goal, my desire. But not everything depends on me, as we understand. If everything depended on me, I would have boxed for all the belts long ago and the opponents would be the ones that I would like. That is, there were moments when I boxed with Craig Richards, Lenin Castillo. These were not my preferred opponents, but I had to box with them. Not everything depends on me.

When you get home, what is the first thing you want to do?

– Spending time with family. I haven’t seen my family since June. I spent a lot of time preparing and, in principle, not in vain – I won. But I have to try to catch up because the kids are growing. I don’t want to be just the dad they only see on TV or on the phone. I will spend as much time with my family as possible.