Dillian Whyte puts an end to Franklin rematch


British heavyweight Dillian Whyte (29-3, 19 KOs) has made it clear that he is not going to have a rematch with American Jermaine Franklin (21-1, 14 KOs), whom he defeated “on thin” at the end of last week.

Dillian is sure that his victory is beyond doubt, so all talk of a rematch is not worth a penny.

“Why do you keep asking me about a rematch? Are you on the Franklin team? Not? So it’s good to grind x ** nude about revenge. Relax, dudes, White urged. “Listen, it was a real fight. How often do close fights happen in boxing? It was one of them. But I won cleanly, so why should I think about a rematch?

“He’s a good fighter, but you know there are levels,” says the Briton. “I knew what I had to do. I was aware that he had hand speed and was not new to boxing. But with my experience, I know what to do to win. That’s what I’m talking about. And Franklin – he is definitely in the top 15, or even the top 10 heavyweight.”

Perhaps White’s next fight will be against ex-champion and compatriot Anthony Joshua. Although Wilder does not understand why Joshua is fighting White.

Source: https://vringe.com/news/160645-dillian-uayt-postavil-tochku-v-voprose-s-revanshem-protiv-franklina.htm?rand=141343