Diaz is accused of seducing and molesting minors. Allegedly there are 4 victims


Former world champion American lightweight Joseph Diaz (32-2-1, 15 KOs) in April of this year was accused of seducing and molesting minors – he allegedly sent his naked photo.

Boxer denies guilt. But at the same time, it does not exclude that the photograph (in which he demonstrates his sexual organ in a state of erection) was indeed sent to a minor.

The alleged victim claims that the police refused to file a case against the ex-champ. She had to file a civil lawsuit demanding 150,000 USD and reimburse attorney fees.

The lawsuit alleges that sending a photo of your member without prior consent is not the first time for Diaz. Allegedly, there are at least 4 minors who received such a gift from the boxer.

The lawsuit also states that the ex-champion had previously had problems with the law – drunken antics and domestic violence that caused serious injuries. Allegedly, Diaz himself has repeatedly said that he has serious mental problems.

Earlier, Diaz stated that it was not he who sent the photo of the minor, but his girlfriend, the elder sister of the alleged victim. Allegedly for this reason, the police did not respond to the accusation.

The minor’s parents first contacted Diaz’s father. He confirmed that the photo was his son. According to him, on the eve of Joseph solidly went over with alcohol and, apparently, sent the photo to the wrong addressee.

The minor in her lawsuit alleges that Diaz regularly persuades minors to have sexual intercourse. The boxer still insists that he had no malicious intent – the photo was sent by accident.

The trial in this case will take place in November. And already this weekend, the ex-champion will fight with the Mexican top prospect William Cepeda. In December last year, Diaz tried to take away the WBC belt from compatriot Devin Haney. What came of it? Read the report Neither fish nor meat.