Devin Haney vs. George Kambosos Jr. 2 full fight video highlights


Watch Devin Haney vs. George Kambosos Jr. 2 full fight video highlights from the main event of Haney vs. Kambosos Jr. 2, courtesy of Top Rank and other outlets.

Haney vs. Kambosos Jr. 2 took place Oct. 15 at the Rod Laver Arena in Melbourne, Australia. Undisputed boxing lightweight champion Devin Haney (29-0) and former unified champion George Kambosos Jr. (20-2) locked horns in the night’s main event, which was a rematch of their June meeting won by Haney via unanimous decision. ESPN+ aired the fight live.

Catch the video highlights below.

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Round 1: Haney comes out to center ring and Kambosos tries several feints before throwing an ineffective combination. Haney slips one shot from Kambosos, and feints. Kambosos looks to the body with a jab. Right hook lead from Kambosos falls short. Haney hits a straight jab upstairs and holds it as Kambosos rushes in. Kambosos switching stances often and Haney sticks him with a jab. Haney attempts to make partial contact with the right hand lead, which makes it difficult for him to hit behind. Haney first touches the body from the inside, and then tie it up. Then he hits the free hand until the break arrives. Left hand from Kambosos makes partial contact and Haney ties him up. Haney double jabs and Kambosos throws a lengthy combination that I think steals the round for him.

Kambosos 10-9.

Round 2: Haney takes center ring and releases a jab to establish the lead. Jab from Haney just misses as he stalks Kambosos. Now Haney tries to unload a huge overhand right that misses. Haney is now ready to face Kambosos with a double jab and right-hand landing. As Haney gazes upstairs, Kambosos attempts to reach the body. Haney loses the lead left hook. Haney sticks a couple long jabs and then lunges in with a lead left hook that misses. To stop any return fire, Haney throws a jab at Kambosos upstairs.

Haney 10-9, 19-19.

Round 3: Kambosos feints and switches stances several times as he attempts to cloud the picture for Haney. Kambosos attempts a body shot but it doesn’t work. Haney makes a few long jabs on the outside and then hits a right hook soon after. Haney lands a counter uppercut to Haney’s body, and he smothers Kambosos immediately after. Haney scores a straight one-two against Kambosos’ head. Now Haney lands a shot to the back of the head in a clinch and gets a modest warning about it. Haney scores right hand lead. Haney now sticks a jab, and a left hook to add some spice. Kambosos are struggling to keep up with Haney’s length. Haney’s right hand is again at the top.

Haney 10-9, 29-28.

Round 4: Haney jabs as Kambosos tries to jab and his lands better. Kambosos switch between feinting and attacking but have difficulty making a decision. Haney jabs and has clinched 17 times by ESPN’s count so far. Jab lands for Haney. Haney makes contact with Haney by giving him a double jab. Kambosos sticks a jab to the body but gets tied up by Haney. Haney leads with two left hands and scores, then sticks another jab upstairs. Left hook lands for Kambosos and Haney ties up immediately to prevent any follow up.

Haney 10-9, 39-37.

Round 5: Kambosos bobs and weaves as Haney tries to work his jab and a long straight right. Haney’s jab is successful. Kambosos attempts to use lateral movement and Haney is caught with a lefthook but he can’t keep up after Haney stops his offensive. Haney scores a right hand upstairs. Haney’s center ring has a left and right hook. Kambosos hits a few body shots while he leaps in. Kambosos reaches on two punches and falls short. Haney gets a jab upstairs. Haney now has a hook.

Haney 10-9, 49-46.

Round 6: Kambosos needs to change the tone of this fight quickly if he’s not going to let this get well away from him. Haney stalks and lands a jab. Kambosos falls short on a left hand to the body. Haney scores a great left hook upstairs on Kambosos. Kambosos sticks a jab upstairs. Kambosos looks increasingly discouraged as he struggles to find the right formula. Haney’s right hand lead is clean, and he gets a second one just seconds later. Left hook lead lands clean for Haney, then two jabs. Kambosos are starting to get some cumulative punishment. Haney is starting to beat Kambosos with the uppercut.

Haney 10-9, 59-55.

Round 7: Kambosos tries a jab to the body but Haney defends., Big left hook from Kambosos misses upstairs. Haney’s left hook is clean. One-two makes decent contact for Haney. Kambosos tries to fire back and lands one downstairs. Kambosos is greeted with a straight right-hand lead. Another right hand lead scores for Haney, then a third moments later. Kambosos are getting flushed more frequently as the consequences are soaking into Kambosos. Two body shots land well for Kambosos now that might’ve gotten Haney’s attention. Kambosos has a small abrasion around his left eye. Haney’s left jab is clean.

Haney 10-9, 69-64.

Round 8: Haney tries to line up a jab but Kambosos gets under it. Kambosos’ right hand is a success. Haney’s right and left hands land cleanly for Haney, and the damage is visible on Kambosos faces. Haney’s jab hits upstairs. Haney falls short on a right hand aimed at the body. Haney wins upstairs with right hands once more. Haney’s jab hits the ground clean in center ring. Kambosos is still stumped. Another right hand scores for Haney and Kambosos finally gets in a good punch in return. Haney cut around his right eye from what looked like a head clash.

Haney 10-9, 79-73.

Round 9: Right hand lands for Haney just as Kambosos lands one at the same time. Haney’s jab is clean. Kambosos now lands a right hook on Haney and continues to follow it until Haney finally ties him down completely. Haney bleeding from the right side of his face as Kambosos stalks him. Kambosos is cut right on his forehead when Kambosos tries to land a jab. Big right hand lands clean for Kambosos and Haney wants to respond in kind but can’t land his as well. Kambosos has bleeding on both his right and left sides. Hard right hand lands clean for Haney. Kambosos is blind. Just before the bell rings, Jab hits Kambosos.

Kambosos 10-9, 83-88.

Round 10: Haney ducks two shots from Kambosos to start the round. Haney hits a jab upstairs. Left hook lands clean for Haney, then a right hand. Haney wants to get Kambosos out of his system so he lands two more clean hooks. Kambosos appears compromised, and Haney is eager to capitalize. Overhand right lands for Haney, then a left hook. Kambosos waves Haney on and Haney obliges. This round saw Kambosos take a beating. Kambosos tag the body, but it looks like he could use a few more punches by Haney. Haney hits a right hook, and Kambosos takes out Haney. Two more jabs and a right hand come from Haney. Kambosos is straight from a Michael Myers film.

Haney 10-9, 98-92.

Round 11: Kambosos is getting checked out by a doctor before we start the round. Kambosos tries to throw a combination but nothing doing. Jab lands for Haney upstairs. Haney’s left hand goes to his body. Right hand from Haney falls just short. Haney leads with a right and scores. Kambosos gets in a body shot. Haney scores another right-hand lead. Right hook scores for Kambosos. Two more straight shots land clean for Haney. Haney adds in an uppercut this time for good measure. Just before the bell rings, Kambosos hits a right-hand.

Haney 10-9, 108-101.

Round 12: Last round. Kambosos’ right hand misses and Haney circled the outside of the Ring, not wanting to take unnecessary risks as he knows he has to be high on the scorecards. Kambosos attempts to get Haney in a fight here, but Haney is content with just running the clock. Kambosos lands a right hand and Haney ties up. Right hand lands clean for Haney. Haney also lands a right-hand clean. Kambosos attempts to chase Haney away but misses by doing an uppercut. Right hand from Haney scores up top once again.

Haney 10-9, 118-110.

Devin Haney def. George Kambosos Jr via unanimous decision (119-109, 118-110, 118-110)