Deontay Wilder double-challenged Francis Ngannou

Deontay Wilder double-challenged Francis Ngannou

Former WBC heavyweight world champion Deontay Wilder has joined the list of boxers looking to test former UFC heavyweight title holder Francis Ngannou.

Unlike his colleagues, the Bronze Bomber is ready to have two fights with the Predator, one of which will be held according to the rules of mixed martial arts.

“I’m interested in this fight and would love to have it in Africa,” the 37-year-old American told Trill Boxing Talk. “I admire that Francis follows her heart and does what she thinks is right. I’m very interested in this – let’s do it, man! Two big black superheroes. I even came up with this idea: let’s make a deal for two fights. Everyone comes to boxing, but let’s do this – you will come to my sport, and I will come to yours. I am a real warrior. I take it very seriously and I want to do something special.”

“MMA guys come into boxing and they don’t have the right qualifications, so the boxers always have the advantage. You’re in our territory, it’s like being in water with sharks. I have no experience in mixed martial arts and of course I will train if this happens. I will do my best to give the fans what they want. He will prepare to fight me in boxing, why shouldn’t I prepare for a fight on his territory? Maybe I’ll even like it, and I’ll say that this is my new home. Let’s do it – you to me, I to you!”

Deontay Wilder got his career back on track last October by knocking out Finnish heavyweight Robert Helenius in the first round. Thus, he closed two early defeats from Tyson Fury, to whom he lost his championship belt.

Francis Ngannou last entered the octagon in January last year, successfully unifying the interim and current UFC heavyweight titles against Cyril Gan, and left the organization a year later as a free agent.