Deiveson Figueiredo out of UFC 290

Deiveson Figueiredo out of UFC 290

Former UFC flyweight champion Deiveson Figueredo, who injured his eye in a previous fight against Brandon Moreno, was not medically cleared to fight Manel Cape and was eliminated from the UFC 290 tournament.

“I’m still injured,” said the Brazilian in an interview with MMA Fighting. “I asked for a fight, I told my manager that I wanted to fight, but when they gave me an opponent, I went through an examination and they told me that my vision had not yet recovered one hundred percent. There are days when I can see normally, but sometimes there are problems with my vision, especially on the days when I work out. In the end, they decided to suspend me for the full six months that was recommended by the ophthalmologist after UFC 283.”

At the same time, Figueredo admits that he was not completely satisfied with the opponent he was given.

“I confess I did not understand this. They gave me the ninth number in the ranking, and I do not understand this, given the fact that I am ranked first. I was hoping for a fight with an opponent from the top five. Now I will not rush to return, and I told the manager that when I return, I want to fight someone from the top 5 “

Recall that the UFC 290 tournament will be held July 8 in Las Vegas.