De La Hoya refused to run for president, now he is the future mayor of Vegas


Legendary boxer and current top promoter Oscar De La Hoya (Golden Boy Promotions) changed his mind about running for president of the United States. Now he is interested in the post of mayor of Las Vegas. It is said that he intends to move to Vegas from California and even started building a house there.

In 2020, De La Hoya was going to fight for the presidency with Donald Trump. The other day
he announced new priorities: “No no! No more presidential races! But I do not rule out the possibility of running for mayor of Las Vegas. Can you imagine this? It is interesting to study this question. It is interesting to know whether I will be able to take part in the electoral race or not.”

There have been a lot of conflicting statements from De La Hoya lately. He now and then lashes out with criticism of Al Haymon and Premier Boxing Championswhich is unlikely to help in organizing the megafights he claimed.

Among the latest masterpieces of De La Hoya are the following statements: “I dodged a bullet” and “Bivol was a nobody.” Oscar also announced the sale of his promotional company. In April, a lawsuit was filed against him: “He dropped his underpants and entered my room!”

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