Davis, Joshua, Canelo and narcissism – Hearn got it hard for everything


Promoter Leonard Ellerby (Mayweather Promotions) reacted to the words of colleague Eddie Hearn (Matchroom Boxing), who wants to lure to
DAZN streaming
American WBA World lightweight champion Gervont Davis (27-0, 25 KOs).

“What do I think about it? —
smiling Ellerbee. “Well, there is no secret here. I think Hearn is the biggest fucking clown in all of boxing. And I’m not just saying that. I have every reason to. Remember how he started? He threatened to conquer the US market, threatened to lead boxing in America. For this he was given (in DAZN) 1 billion bucks. And what came out of all this? It turned out that he did not understand how the market works at all. He just fucked a billion. He really thought that if he had a lot of money, then he would just buy everyone and that’s it. That’s not how it works.”

On what Hearn is good at: “I give people credit for what they are good at. And I give Hearn credit for popularizing women’s boxing. He really did a great job here.”

On Hearn’s narcissism: “He is the loudest. He tries to outshine even the fighters. It is a fact. This will be confirmed by all those who have previously worked with him: Bob Arum, Lou Dibella. And he believed that in the USA, the louder you yell, the cooler you are. This “tactic” brought him nothing, but he has no other. You need to understand how the market works. A simple example. You need not just to sign a tough fighter, but to understand what fights you can offer him. And if you don’t have cool options for him in your company, then what’s the point of all this? He still hasn’t done a single cool fight.”

On how Hearn ruined the careers of Anthony Joshua and Canelo Alvarez: “I still feel bad for how he screwed up Joshua. He’s a cool dude and a great fighter. But no adequate promoter will put his fighter against Andy Ruiz three weeks before the fight. He stupidly fucked up Joshua’s career. And now he’s doing the same with Canelo’s career. He lured him. And what do we see now? Compare for yourself: 800,000 PPVs sold on Showtime in a fight with Caleb Plant against 300 thousand PPV on DAZN in a fight with Dmitry Bivol. The same for entrance tickets: 18 million for Plant versus 9 million for Bivol. And all why? And all because Canelo signed a contract with some mobile application that no one knows anything about. This Hearn was yelling at everyone that PPV fights were dead, but now he’s making paid fights himself. Who is he after all this? Yes, just a clown!

The other day, Hearn shared a couple of controversial statements. He says that Joshua will knock out Usyk in six rounds, that Joshua and Fury will fight anyway, and there is a clear favorite in the Bivol-Beterbiev fight.

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