Davis-Garcia fight. Prograis has no doubts about the result


Popular American punchers Gervonta Davis (28-0, 26 KOs) and Ryan Garcia (23-0, 19 KOs) agreed to determine the strongest in April within the agreed weight. And the current WBC super lightweight belt holder, American Regis Prograis (28-1, 24 KOs), seems to have little doubt about the outcome of the fight.

“I think ‘Tank’ Davis will knock out Garcia anyway,”
declared Prograis. – I think the fight will turn out to be cool and even competitive, but it will not go the whole distance. I’m sure Ryan will have good moments. But “Tank” is able to lull the opponent’s vigilance. He will do so and then knock out Garcia. Yes, Ryan has a punch too. But its power cannot be compared with the power of the “Tank”, and soon he will be convinced of this. I’m not saying that Garcia is a bad fighter. He’s fine. He’s fast, he’s powerful. But I’m sure the Tank is just better.”

Earlier, Garcia announced his readiness to take away the title from Prograis. The champion comments: “F*ck that’s all. Everyone knows he’s not going to fight me. He’s just piss. Do you know what it looks like? That’s what dogs do behind the fence. When two dogs are separated by a fence, they bark at each other a lot. But if you remove the fence, they understand that now everything can end for them with received piz * yuly. And then they quickly close their fucking mouths. Ryan? It’s all just talk. This is what Ryan is all about. However, let him worry not about me, but about the “Tank”. He really shouldn’t be thinking about me right now.”

The other day, Garcia’s promoter Oscar De La Hoya showed a contract for this fight. And then Rolando Romero suddenly announced: “I’m fighting Garcia in April, and the winner will get the Tank.”