Davis and Garcia almost agreed. And then “The tank suddenly lost the handle”


Popular American lightweights Gervonta “Tank” Davis (27-0, 25 KOs) and Ryan “King” Garcia (23-0, 19 KOs) are very close to a face-to-face fight. On the sidelines, they say that the fight will take place in December or early next year. The fight will be for the WBA World Lightweight belt, owned by Davis.

Garcia himself indirectly confirms this. The fighter hints that all that remains is to sign a contract for the fight: “All that remains for Gervonte is to put his signature under the papers. But bad luck, the dude lost his pen somewhere. Tank, do you understand what happened? The very night is approaching when all the dots over the “i” are already dotted and reality finally sets in. This is the night I’ve been waiting for all my life. This is what I dreamed about as a green kid. Fate meets reality. It’s time to shock the whole world.”

Davis replied to the antagonist: “In your place, you can only talk about greatness in a whisper. After all, soon you will have to answer for your words – soon you will be spanked.

And Garcia began to ridicule Gervonta’s habit of deleting previously written tweets: “Dude, are you aware that previously deleted tweets are still stored in memory? Maybe it’s better to leave them in their places?

In late September, Garcia and Davis nearly got into a fight at a nightclub. Floyd Mayweather’s trainer believes Ryan has no chance against Tank.