Datsik knocked out Thompson, the fight between Taktarov and Monson did not reveal the winner

Popular Russian heavyweight Vyacheslav Datsik became the super champion of “REN TV Fight Club,” another event organized on the channel by Russian promoter Vladimir Khryunov, with an early victory over Britain’s Oli Thompson in a boxing match.

“Red Tarzan” decided not to put the matter in a long box, and in his characteristic manner immediately unleashed a hail of swinging punches on his opponent. Thompson tried to counterattack, but in the third minute he missed a side kick to the right that shattered his legs, and after Datsik sent his shocked opponent to the ropes with a second right kick, the referee prudently stopped the fight, recording the Russian’s victory at the 2:25 mark of the first round.

After the bout was stopped, Thompson complained that Datsik had head-butted him, but a replay showed no illegal punches from the Russian fighter.

In the post-fight interview, Vyacheslav Datsik stated that he avenged his opponent for Alexey Oleinik, whom Oli Thompson knocked out in the previous fight, and also expressed his readiness to give the Brit a rematch under MMA rules.

In the second most important event of the event, mixed martial arts veterans Oleg Taktarov and Jeff Monson drew a bout that only in the opening segment looked boxing, and in the second and third rounds the heavyweights alternately took the fight to the floor and tried to end it with a painful or choking hold.

The final siren caught the Russians stuck to each other and exchanged blows, and only the representatives of the teams who appeared in the ring managed to loosen their grip and separate them from each other.

In a post-fight interview, Monson stated that he wanted to fight Taktarov under MMA rules, and the winner of his sixth UFC championship accepted the challenge.