Dates, negotiations, money. Alexander Krasyuk about Usyk-Fury fight


Promoter of the holder of three world heavyweight titles (over 90.7 kg) Ukrainian Oleksandr Usyk (20-0, 13 KOs) Oleksandr Krasyuk in the latest episode of the podcast on the YouTube channel
boxoffice spoke about the upcoming fight for the title of absolute world champion between Usyk and the WBC champion from Britain Tyson Fury (32-0-1, 23 KOs).

The functionary spoke about the three dates of a possible fight, spoke about the possible obstacles to organizing a megafight, talked about negotiations with Fury and the money that the fighters would receive.

– We now have working dates – this is the period from February 18 to March 4. These are three weekends: February 17, February 25 and March 4. On any of these Saturdays, a duel can take place. So far, the working date is the 18th, but we will finally establish ourselves after the fight on the third of December (the date of the fight between Fury and Chisora).

What can get in the way? I’ll start with Usyk. Probably, there may be injuries that can push the date of the fight. But we know the professionalism with which the team approaches, so the possibility of injury is not so high. As for Tyson Fury, there are many more arguments. First, Tyson Fury may retire. He’s already gone three or four times. Secondly, in the same way he can get injured. But Tyson Fury’s injury isn’t just about training camp, it’s also about fighting Chisora. Thirdly, Tyson Fury can rest and talk about some unrealistic financial, or something ambitions that cannot be fulfilled, thereby avoiding the fight with Usyk.

So far, the offer that Usyk and Fury received is perhaps the most profitable offer that can exist in the world, not only of boxing, but in general in the world. Therefore, from an objective point of view, this should not happen. If something happens, it will be pure subjectivism.

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– Have you already communicated with the team and already have an understanding of the appetites of the same Tyson Fury, consent from Usyk and what Saudi Arabia can provide? Between December 3rd and February 18th is a very short time. Will you be able to sign the contract? How deep have you already said the details?

– Very deep. We talked about the details almost completely, including the financial component. All that remains is to finalize it all on paper. I’m talking to Warren, Queensberry Promotions. I know that they received an offer from the Saudis. There was even such an offer to get away from the fight on December 3. However, Tyson did not accept him and decided to fight Chisora. In principle, everyone understands everything. We are all in touch every day, every two days. We call, coordinate and plan. From a rational point of view, we have no big barriers, they practically do not exist. Let’s see what the coming day has in store for us.

— You said that the existing offer is financially attractive as much as possible. Does it follow from this that this proposal is more attractive than Usyk’s duel with Joshua?

– Yes sir. It is obvious. There is always a dynamic scale in boxing. Every professional boxer who signs a contract knows this. If you win a duel, then in the next one you get a coefficient, after a fight – another coefficient, you fight with the world champion – that kind of money, you fight for the absolute world champion – the money is not even indicated in the contract. It’s not clear how many there could be.

Will these be fixed numbers?

Yes, these will be fixed numbers. Just like in the duel with Joshua. When all parties receive their clearly defined fees, and all income associated with the implementation of the fight belongs to the organizers, who, in fact, guarantee these figures.

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