Darren Till demands that ‘F*** Uriah Hall chant’ at UFC London Q&A. Hall replies


Darren Till let it clearly be known what he thinks of Uriah Hall.

During a Q&A with UFC London fans on Friday, Till answered the question “F*** Uriah Hall” and immediately replied Hall. Then, he asked the crowd to shout “F*** Uriah Hall” with great enthusiasm.

When asked by UFC commentator John Gooden what Hall had done to earn his ire, Till responded, “What have I done to deserve all the f****** s*** he’s given me on Twitter?”

Hall stated in an interview this February that Till had been avoiding him.

“I really wanted Darren Till but he is just being a punk a*tch,” Hall explained to The Schmo. “I don’t know what happened, or if he’s playing the UFC or what not, but he’s the guy that makes sense.

” I wanted him but I believe he is scared. It’s possible that he is really afraid, but he may be injured, hurt, or just plain scared. This is how I see him. He talks loudly, but when I approach him I can tell he will be silent. He’s short, he sucks, he’s ugly and I just know that I can beat them. He’s short, he sucks, he’s ugly and I just know I can kick his ass.”

Till was confused and replied “*”

“He called me out,” Till said. I’ve never fought in a fight. Listen, I’m coming off two losses. Whittaker was the previous loss. He is probably second best, if not Adesanya. Never have I evaded fights. I’ve fought at middleweight the best middleweights of the day, Whittaker and Gastelum.

“So if he wants to fight me and wants to say I’m scared, I want to fight him next.”

Later Friday, Hall addressed the comments.

“Ha f*** you too glad I’m on your mind b****,” Hall wrote. “Unlike you I’m getting ready for someone who actually fights but you and I know you ain’t never going to fight again p****.”

Hall is currently set to fight Andre Muniz at a UFC event on April 16, while Till awaits his next booking after losing back-to-back fights to Robert Whittaker and Derek Brunson.