Darren Till counters Israel Adesanya over UFC London diss: ‘It’s OK when he’s posting videos crying about his teammates?’


Darren Till doesn’t appreciate Israel Adesanya coming at him after UFC London.

Till became a target of the UFC middleweight champion when he hopped onto the cage to celebrate with his Team Kaobon teammate, Tom Aspinall, following the heavyweight’s first-round stoppage of Alexander Volkov at UFC London. Till had been Aspinall’s cornerman and they were long-time friends. However, Adesanya made a scene of Till jumping onto the cage to celebrate with his Team Kaobon teammate, Tom Aspinall. He told Till to “sit down, it is not your moment”, and made several jokes about Till on his YouTube channel. Till doesn’t know why.

“It’s OK when he’s posting videos crying about his teammates? … “I think that s*** s*** is beautiful,” Till stated Wednesday during a double appearance on The MMA Hour . “But when Tom tells me to get on the cage and [celebrate] the moment, the guy who I know once wanted to retire — Tom told me that — and now look at where he is, he’s the best heavyweight on the planet, I can’t be happy for the guy? What if I lose a fight? His little f ******… yes, man, and his f ******, oh, come on Tom, I’m happy.

” You’re there for your team when it loses and with you when your team wins .”

Till has always been in a somewhat tumultuous relationship with Adesanya. Till and Adesanya have been in contact several times. However, Till is unable to make it back to title contention. Since his one-sided loss to Derek Brunson in September 2021, which put him on a 1-4 slump over his last five bouts, Till has stepped back from competing to refuel his competitive fire and round out some of the holes in his game.

Till began training with UFC’s welterweight champion Chimaev. The duo have formed a fast friendship, and Till says Chimaev’s skills live up to the hype.

“Trust us, I’m sure you remember who my sparring partner for 15 year was — Tom Aspinall. He’s one of the greatest in the world right now in MMA. Khamzat is the same, mate,” Till said. “Not many people surprise me, because I know I’m a beast. So this guy must be a beast. Now, I need to be conditioned, and then, we can take over. He’s watching out for me. If I miss training, he’s on my ass. If I’m eating s***, he’s on my ass.”

Till raved about how time spent with Chimaev gave him the motivation and drive to continue his push for UFC gold when he is back.

It is anyone’s guess when this return will occur.

“Soon,” Till said. “If I come back, then I am coming back to take control, so I must be 100% .”