Daniel Cormier suggested stripping Jon Jones of his championship status

UFC interim heavyweight titleholder Tom Aspinall should become a full-fledged champion of the division and defend the belt instead of waiting for Jon Jones and Stipe Miocic to fight, former UFC double champion Daniel Cormier believes.

“If Jones and Stipe only fight each other, Tom Aspinall shouldn’t have to defend the interim title,” DC said on another edition of The MMA Hour program. “Because Jones and Stipe don’t need a belt on the line. They can just fight and that’s enough. Let them fight for the title of ‘Greatest of All Time,’ it doesn’t matter. Make them that title.”

“Tom Aspinall is a man who will be leading the heavyweight division for years to come. So yeah, I think he should be the reigning champion. Jones is the reigning champion, he earned that title in the octagon by beating Cyril Gagne. But if he’s only going to fight Stipe, and that’s at least seven months away, you have to call Tom Aspinall the champion – nobody will blink an eye”

The previous day, UFC head honcho Dana White, when asked about the timeline for the injured Jon Jones’ return to the octagon, announced that the reigning UFC heavyweight champion, who tore a pectoral muscle, is out for one year.

“Yes, Jon will be out for about a year,” the head of the organization said on another edition of the FULL SAND podcast.

Recall that on November 11 at UFC 295 in New York, Tom Aspinall won the interim UFC heavyweight championship belt by knocking out Sergey Pavlovic as early as the 69th second of the match.