Daniel Cormier responded to Jon Jones’ offer

Daniel Cormier responded to Jon Jones' offer

Former UFC champion in two weight categories, Daniel Cormier, is not sure about the sincerity of Jon Jones, who noted his professionalism and expressed the hope that the former opponent would comment on his fight against Cyril Gan.

“You know how I feel about Jones and how we have treated each other in the past,” Cormier said in a video posted to his YouTube channel. “All this leads me to the next question: how do I understand this? This message, which at first glance seems like a compliment, can be interpreted as an attempt to prick me, given the fact that people often call me biased. Also, just for the record, I don’t need permission to comment on someone’s fight.”

“If John speaks sincerely, I am pleased to hear that even given our history, he recognizes my professionalism and believes that I can give him credit and do my job honestly. I think Jones is growing up. Looks like he’s taking a different approach to preparing for a fight and everything else now. In any case, I am a professional, and I have to do my job.”

In April 2016, Daniel Cormier worked at the fight between John Jones and Ovince Saint Proux, but at that time they were both active fighters, and a year earlier, Cormier managed to lose to Jones by unanimous decision after five rounds.

At that time, Jon Jones assessed the work of Daniel Cormier as follows:

Recall that the fight between Jon Jones and Cyril Gan, which will be played for the vacant UFC heavyweight championship belt, will head the UFC 285 tournament in Las Vegas on March 4.

Source: https://fighttime.ru/news/item/30806-daniel-korme-otvetil-na-predlozhenie-dzhona-dzhonsa.html?rand=19907