Daniel Cormier reacts to Jon Jones’ performance

Daniel Cormier reacts to Jon Jones' performance

Former dual UFC champion Daniel Cormier shared his take on the performance of Jon Jones, who resumed his career after a three-year hiatus and became the new UFC heavyweight title holder after submitting Cyril Gan in the third minute of the fight.

“Jon Jones not only became the new UFC heavyweight champion, but he did it in a way that few expected,” Cormier said after UFC 285. “Jon Jones said how easy this fight would be for him, and no one believed it »

“He didn’t look like the same guy in the octagon. He was a little slow, his movements were not as fast and dynamic, but that was to be expected given how much weight he had put on. On the whole, he seemed to be quite comfortable. Cyril Gun was nervous, acted indecisively – did all the things that cannot be done in a duel with a fighter of the caliber of Jon Jones.

“Jon Jones became the champion by forcing the submission of Cyril Gahn, who until then had only lost a decision to Francis Ngannou. No one has ever done to Cyril Gun what Jon Jones did to him. It took him two minutes to return after a three-year hiatus and become the UFC heavyweight champion. It was an incredible performance, even against the background of the amazing performances that have already been in the career of Jon Jones.

At the same time, Cormier is confident that Stipe Miocic, who has officially been named the next contender for the championship belt, will become a real test for John Jones.

“Certainly Miocic will be a bigger test for him. Stipe not only knows how to fight and defend against takedowns, but also has a champion mentality and has a lot of champion experience. John said he would weigh 12-15 pounds (5-7 kg) lighter for the next fight to feel more like himself at heavyweight, which makes sense considering Stipe Miocic is a pretty fast guy and John was slower , than usual”