Daniel Cormier explained why Stipe Miocic is more dangerous than ever before

Former dual UFC champion Daniel Cormier explained why Stipe Miocic, who is set to share the octagon with Jon Jones in a month and a half, is one of the most dangerous opponents for the current UFC heavyweight titleholder.

“Stipe doesn’t usually talk a lot, but he recently did an interview where he said some interesting phrases,” MMAnews quoted Cormier as saying. “I think these quotes pretty much summarize the mindset of the former world heavyweight champion, who is considered the greatest heavyweight of all-time

“I remember after I beat Stipe, his rhetoric started to change because he obviously took offense to the way the public perceived it. He has this thing where they start to doubt him. Now he’s saying, ‘You think I’m going to lose and you bet against me – you’re going to lose your money'”

“I remember sitting in a press conference with Miocic and he was saying something like that, ‘Keep doubting me!’ while smirking because he knew something the public didn’t – at the time he was training hard and was confident he was going to beat me. As we know, he beat me two times in a row after that. So when I hear things like that from Stipe, I realize that this is one of the most dangerous people on the planet. He has that kind of thing.”

Recall that the heavyweight fight between Jon Jones and Stipe Miocic will be the main event of the UFC 295 tournament, which will take place on November 11 in New York.