Dana White’s Power Slap League gets approval from Nevada Commission, first event planned for late 2022


UFC president Dana White is extending his promotional reach with the launch of Power Slap League — a slap fighting organization with plans to launch in late 2022.

Details about the promotion were revealed on Tuesday during a meeting with the Nevada Athletic Commission where the governing body approved a petition for the sport to be regulated within the state. News about White’s slap fighting plans were first reported by MMA Junkie.

Slapfighting has become a very popular sport in the last few years, thanks to viral videos on social media. In these videos, combatants openly slap each other until they are unable continue.

Many of the highest rated videos feature one person falling down unconscious after taking a vicious slap from another combatant. Recent competition was held at the Arnold Classic, Columbus, Ohio. Logan Paul served as commentator and former Governor of California Arnold Schwarzenegger was also present to watch the action.

White posted about his interest in slap fighting in a video posted to social media where he touted putting together “the biggest slap competition of all time.”

White formed a promotional company alongside former UFC owner Lorenzo Fertitta to get into the slap fighting business with the launch of this new promotion. Longtime Ultimate Fighter producer Craig Piligian and UFC chief operating officer Lawrence Epstein are also listed on the company’s articles of incorporation in the state of Nevada.

A presentation was made to the Nevada Commission Tuesday, where it was approved for the state’s slap fighting and the promotion that will be launched later in the year.

The Power Slap League events will take place at UFC APEX Las Vegas.

No details have been given as to when Power Slap League will launch, but they are currently considering November or December for the start of broadcasting plans.

Of course, the UFC has its own streaming service set up through UFC Fight Pass as well as a longterm deal with ESPN that could potentially come into play with the new slap fighting league.