Dana White’s mother: “His marriage is a joke. He and his wife fight all the time.”

Dana White's mother:

Violence in Dana White’s family is a common practice, including because of her son’s adultery, says the mother of the head of the strongest league in the world, Julie White.

“His marriage is a laughingstock,” Julie White quotes Sportskeeda. “He sleeps with all the ring girls. He slept with his sister-in-law in my house, which made me furious. He usually gets any girl he wants. He and his wife fight all the time. On their honeymoon, she gave him the worst bruise I’ve ever seen under his eye.”

Moreover, the mother calls her son a vindictive tyrant, and claims that the grandmother of the UFC president, who took care of him as a child, lived in a trailer for the last 40 years of her life, barely making ends meet.

“It’s hard for me to understand how, as the UFC grew in popularity, the person I once knew changed so much and became selfish, arrogant and cruel. From a true friend and good son, Dan has turned into a vengeful tyrant who does not feel the slightest remorse for the way he treats people.

“His grandmother, who lived with us in Las Vegas, drove him to school and cooked him lunch, lived the last 40 years of her life in a trailer in Florida. Dana didn’t lift a finger to make sure she was comfortable and didn’t need anything at her age.”

Earlier, a scandalous video with a fight between the UFC president and his wife came into the possession of the TMZ resource, after which the White couple had to publicly explain this issue.

Source: https://fighttime.ru/news/item/30418-mat-dana-uajta-ego-brak-posmeshishche-oni-s-zhenoj-postoyanno-derutsya.html?rand=19907